Three words - Rifle Paper Co.

So I guess, two words and an abbreviation actually but... who's counting. This company creates the most stunning graphics, artwork and paper products - just not quite in the dirt cheap price range I search for ;) BUT LUCKY FOR ME 80% OFF SALES EXIST!! SO I bought this calendar they make that has artwork inspired by cities around the world, bought some Nate Berkus clips that were on clearance and strung them up on the wall of our guest room! An easy interest piece that takes up space on a big blank wall! Took about 30 minutes including cutting the pages, putting 6 screws in the wall and stringing and clipping! 

Note: I do recommend dry wall anchors for this project! Even though the pages and string aren't heavy, you do want to pull pretty hard to get the string taut! Anchors just give you a little more security:)