Yeah Yeah, I know my title is typically referred to during ceremonies of holy matrimony, but why can't it pertain as well to two awesome nightstands becoming one awesome dresser??

I was with Jenn the other day yard sale-ing (sp?) and she bought the dresser to these two nightstands. Well I couldn't just LEAVE them there!! And who couldn't use more storage right?

So sorry I didn't photograph the process!! *grrrr* I'll be better about that!!

End Game - To remove legs from one, stack the drawer parts, attach them and use as dresser.


One thing to look for whenever you're planning on taking apart furniture is how it was put together! If you can take it apart the same way, it's ALWAYS easier than cutting and sawing and filing etc!

So these two little guys had stands/bottoms that were built separately, then were attached. The legs were screwed to a wooden frame which had been screwed to the dresser, ie I wasn't going to have to do anything to the structure I wanted to keep (the top box part). YAY! Just get the bottom frame to pop off with some unscrewing and a little prying:)

Once I had the legs off (the other needed to keep his to be the bottom of my dresser), I put the legless one on top, and removed the drawers. I put wood glue around my edges, between the structures (a little of that stuff goes a LONG way!) And I screwed four screws from the inside bottom of the top dresser, through to the top of the bottom dresser. (Who's on first, I know.) 

After painting the little drawer details white, I had this cute little guy!!